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Quinacridones Pigments

Product Name Colour Index
Colour Index no. CAS NO. Reach Pre-registration Number
Lonacridone Pink Pigment Red 122 CI 73915 980-26-7 05-2114645869-28-0000
Lonacridone Red Br Pigment Violet 19 CI 73900 1047-16-1 05-2114645845-38-0000

Quinacridones are unique pigments manufactured by us which are utilised in many diverse applications. Their outstanding light fastness, excellent bleed and heat resistance in combination with bright tones, good tinting value and working properties permit them as a right candidate in colour formulation in the coatings, plastic, textile and ink industries to achieve the highest degree of quality performance.

Copper Phthalocyanine Pigments


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